Earn $100/day+ with product review videos

This video course will show you how to earn recurring commissions reviewing Amazon products without driving traffic, paying for ads, building a website, cold calling, building a brand, building products, shipping anything, or dealing with customers.

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What is the Amazon Influencer Program?


Create simple 2-3 minute review videos of Amazon products.



When someone buys after watching your video, you earn a commission. 💰💰

  1. Apply for the Amazon Influencer Program. You need to have an existing following in order to be eligible, whether on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. (This is the catch, if you don't have an online presence, you'll have to build one in order to get approved.)
  2. Once approved, you'll get your own Amazon Storefront where you can post content and idea lists. You can send traffic to this page and earn commissions if someone makes a purchase, but that's hard work. We want Amazon to show our content to their existing, highly qualified traffic for free, so we need to apply for onsite placement.
  3. Create three of your best product review videos following a very strict criteria (which I fully guide you through in the course), and someone at Amazon will manually review your videos and storefront and approve you for onsite placement and commissions. Don't screw this up, you've only got 3 chances to get approved or else you're permanently banned.
  4. Start creating simple, 2-3 minute review videos on your phone of products you have laying around your house, and Amazon will show your video to people looking at that product page. If they buy it after watching your video, Amazon will pay you a commission up to 5%.
  5. Once you run out of products in your house, you'll need more products to review. I'll show you how to get FREE products sent to you from Amazon sellers who will pay you to review their products (all within Amazon and FTC guidelines), where to get discounted Amazon products, and how to find the most profitable products on Amazon with the least competition.

How does this work?

(and....what's the catch?)

Why this?

❌No website/store needed: Since Amazon will place your videos on their product pages, you get access to all of their existing traffic.
❌No expensive gear: After analyzing my most profitable videos, I found no correlation between faceless videos I shot on my phone and professional videos shot on my camera.
❌No Ads: You don't have to pay for ads to drive traffic, you'll get access to Amazon's existing traffic.
Profitable Products: Learn how to find products with high commission potential and low influencer competition.
FREE PRODUCTS: Learn where to find dozens of sellers and agents who will happily send you free products to review, and pay you to do it, all within Amazon and FTC guidelines.
❌No Up-Front Investment: Review products you have laying around your house, and I'll show you how to prioritize the products which will earn you the most commissions. No need to buy products if you don't want to.
Advanced Tactics: Learn all of my advanced product selection criteria that enable you to get more out of each product WITHOUT being scammy or cheating the system.
Discount Products: Learn multiple ways to find hundreds of Amazon products without having to pay retail price. Saving money on product purchases makes you more profitable.
Freedom: Work from home on your own schedule, as much or as little as you want. Your videos continue to earn you money while you sleep, vacation, or spend time with family/friends.

Best RPMs online for video

Not only are Amazon onsite shoppable videos paying the highest RPMs per video (by a long shot), they are considerably faster and easier to make compared to creating content on other platforms like YouTube. So you're getting paid 10x more and the content is much easier to produce, most times only taking 10-30 minutes to produce and upload.

RPM: Revenue per Mille is a measurement of how much revenue you earn per 1,000 views of your videos. Here are some estimates of RPM rates of common video platforms.

YouTube Shorts
YouTube Adsense

Amazon Influencer


What's in the Course?

Whether you're brand new to the Amazon Influencer program or have been struggling to grow your commissions, this course will guide you through the stressful application process for onsite placement, increase your conversion rate, help you select more profitable products to review, and make your video review process more efficient.

Here's a complete overview of the contents of the course:

Jungle Influencer Course

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Complete roadmap to $100/day

Applying to the Influencer Program

Specific guidance for creating your first three videos for on-site approval

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Who This Course Is For

✔️ You will dedicate 5-15 hours per week recording 10-30 helpful product reviews of Amazon products to build recurring commissions every month. (If you don't have that much time, it's just going to take longer to get to $100/day)

✔️ You already have an online following of at least 1,000 on either TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, or YouTube, or are already approved as an Amazon Influencer.

✔️ You want to provide useful, insightful product reviews that help people make buying decisions on Amazon. You're not interested in gaming the system for a quick buck.

✔️ You want a repeatable workflow for finding endless highly profitable, low competition products to review.

✔️ You will to grow this income stream to $100/day or more within a few months.

Who This Course Is NOT For

✔️ You don't already have an online following. (This is required in order to get approved for the Amazon Influencer program.)

✔️ You're looking for tactics that take advantage of loopholes and don't provide much value to the person watching your video.

✔️ You want to automate or outsource video creation by stealing content from others, using images from product pages, or using text-to-speech generators.

✔️ You're willing to break the rules and risk getting your account terminated by Amazon. (This is such a profitable opportunity as-is, why would you risk losing it all?)

aquire profitable products

Learn how to find best selling products with good ratings and low influencer video competition, so you can create videos on products that will earn you a recurring $10 or $30 or $100+ per month. Strategic product acquisition is the key to scaling this business to $100/day within a few months, and I show you how to find a mix of products you buy at full retail price, get at a discount, get for free, or even get for free and get paid to produce the video.

TIP: I've analyzed my top 20 products I earn commissions from, and found that nearly all of them had full carousels of videos. So while you shouldn't let a crowded carousel deter you from reviewing a product, I always prefer finding products with no competition! In the course, I'll show you exactly how to do this and we dive deep into analytics on my own videos and commissions.

Here are some products I just found that have little competition, and high potential for commissions. I will show you how to find endless products like these to review.

42,440 Image

#72 in Office Products
#1 in Badge Holders

2 Influencer videos 😲

Tent Sand Bags
10,598 Image

#571 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
#1 in Canopy, Gazebo & Pergola Accessories
#1 in Outdoor Canopies

ZERO Influencer videos 🤯

20,309 Image

#96 in Baby (See Top 100 in Baby)
#1 in Hook-on & Booster Seats

ZERO Influencer videos 😲


I've used all of these techniques to find profitable products to review. Here are a few examples of real products I've reviewed within the last few months, already broke-even on, and now earn passive income from.

Product Description Cost
List Price Earnings Break-even Monthly
Drywall Anchor $7.99 $7.99 $43.20 3 weeks $25/mo
Masks $19.99 $19.99 $46.65 4 weeks $27/mo
Snow blower FREE $99.99
$138.80 1 day $52/mo
Hole Punch
$8.29 $8.29 $17.32
2 weeks $13/mo